8th March 2019

Hire a Rape Attorney in Charleston Today

No matter what your charge is, accusations of rape are serious. A conviction in South Carolina can lead to life-changing consequences, which includes a destroyed reputation, prison time, loss of one’s job, and mandatory registering on the sex offender registry. A rape attorney in Charleston from Barrett Law Center can help prepare for your trial with winning in the front of their mind. We understand the motivation behind a sex crime accusation and oftentimes can utilize defenses that lead to dropped charges for our clients.

Rape Laws in South Carolina

Under South Carolina rape laws, rape is defined as engaging in sexual battery with the victim. The victim submits to sexual battery when they are a victim of kidnapping, trafficking, forcible confinement, robbery, burglary, extortion or any similar offense, or the act causes the victim to become physically helpless or mentally incapacitated. Rape is considered a felony in the state and those charged can face up to 30 years in prison.

A rape conviction requires a formal sentencing hearing at the courthouse. At this particular hearing, the court will decide to sentence someone according to the age of the minor, if someone is charged with raping their spouse or someone they live with or if they have any prior offenses.

Call a Rape Attorney for Legal Advice

If you’re currently being charged with rape or facing sentencing, you need the help of a South Carolina rape attorney such as Barrett Law Center can represent those needing their legal experience. We can investigate your case and present the best defense for you to get the best results possible. In order to schedule a free consultation with us, call our office today at 843-408-8455.

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