15th March 2019

Hire a Professional Domestic Violence Attorney in Charleston to Represent You

Are you looking for a domestic violence attorney in Charleston to represent you? If you are, Barrett Law Center has years of experience fighting cases related to domestic violence issues in the state. Ultimately, when a police officer receives a domestic violence report, they usually must arrest someone because of that incident. Once this arrest is made, it is up to the State Attorney to determine whether or not they would like to press formal charges or if they will dismiss the case. We can represent those in this situation and any other with domestic violence charges. He understands domestic violence in South Carolina and can represent any client in hearings or court if applicable.

Charges Associated with Domestic Violence in South Carolina

Some of the most common charges associated with domestic violence in the state include and is not limited to:

  • Kidnapping
  • False Imprisonment
  • Domestic Assault/Aggravated Assault
  • Domestic Battery/Aggravated Battery
  • Elderly Abuse
  • Rape, Sexual Battery, and other sex crimes
  • Stalking, Harassment and Aggravated Stalking
  • No Contact Order Violations
  • Any offense that involves injury of a family member and/or household member

Ultimately, the use of force in a domestic situation that threatens to cause bodily harm, causes bodily injury, or causes any physical contact that is proactive or offense is considered domestic violence. In order to prove this case, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone performed this act either intentionally or knowingly.

South Carolina domestic violence laws apply to a household member, including a spouse, former spouse, a person who they have a child in common with, or someone who they have lived with or currently live with.

Call to Speak to a Domestic Violence Attorney in Charleston Today

If you need legal representation for a domestic violence case in Charleston, it’s time to contact a domestic violence attorney from Barrett Law Center. To talk to a professional lawyer from our South Carolina law firm, call to schedule a consultation today at 843-408-8455.

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